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What Will I Learn?

  • 12 One on One Sessions w/ @ekatatrading
  • Analysis Channel (NOT SIGNALS)
  • Basic Trader Education
  • Intermediate Trader Education
  • Master Trader Education
  • Multiple PDF Documents

Topics for this course

901 Lessons460h

The Analysis Channel

1.1 Expectations (How it works)2:53
1.2 The Channel Link

The Beginner Program

The Intermediate Program

The Master Program

Documentation (PDFs)

About the Instructor

5.00 (6 ratings)

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259 students

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3 ratings
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The course is very complete, I personally found very useful the concepts on "lots and pips and their relation"; I've seen your work through the Forexia academy as well, and this is definitely a great beginners course - thanks for sharing the learnings, great value. good stuff.

This is for very easy to understand and digest . I recommend everyone to continue the program to the master level ..I know for sure that this is the best out there definitely. My only regret is that I didn't join the program earlier.. God bless u abundantly brother.

/*Useful for beginners*/
The whole beginner course is comprehensive and easy to grasps. It gives a good foundation to any FX trader out there. Also the video are kept to a focus time. Love it.


Material Includes

  • Various Links
  • Various PDF's


  • Telegram Account
  • Zoom Account
  • Microphone
  • Webcam (Optional)
  • An Open Schedule
  • An Open Mind


Target Audience

  • Traders who need to start from the absolute beginning
  • Or Traders who wish to start over
  • Traders who wish to be Guided Personally
  • Traders who wish to be held Accountable by someone else
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