Refunds & Policies

Do your research, make sure you are in contact with the CORRECT @ekatatrading, there are a lot of fake profiles that try to mimic what we do on this website and within this organization, verify that you are speaking with @ekatatrading – you can do this via Telegram: .Ask for a voice note or video to be sent to you (confirmation of identity). The REAL @ekatatrading will not deny this request.

Please note, due to the fact that what we do is considered intellectual property and/or digital media, unfortunately we do not offer refunds on ANY services we offer. The possible risk of a user copying the information on the website also prevents the website owner from providing any refunds and payment is taken as insurance of that. Any payment made to the website owner, once course information is delivered – all sales are FINAL!

All information on this website belongs to the website owner and is copyright protected. Distrubution or resale of any material from this website is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with legally if someone is found to be in violation of these terms.

Cancellations of any mutually agreed upon one on ones on behalf of the user/student will result in that particular session being deducted from the user/student total allotted sessions. If a cancellation is made by the website owner it will be rescheduled and given back to the user/student.

Once you get into any of the paid programs you will be granted access to the analysis channel on telegram from within the program itself (see “Analysis Channel”). Please note that it is analysis that we post and NOT signals. We believe that you should seek to be self sufficient and you will never become that if you are constantly reliant on others for what to do next. We want you to use what you understand by what we teach and put it together for yourself.

We don’t take trades or manage accounts on behalf of other traders, nor do we offer any type of investment services so if anyone is claiming that they are @ekatatrading or and offering you any of the before mentioned services please contact us below via any of these options with screenshots, video or any type of proof and we will deal with it accordingly.

As a trader you are aware that what we do carries a lot of risk. It is your Sole job to manage your own risk. Should you incur any losses and/or blown accounts this is your responsibility and the website owner cannot be held accountable for trades YOU chose to take. Apply proper risk management!

@ekatatrading cannot and will not attempt to provide any guarantees that you can or will succeed after being inducted into any of our programs. No one but you can guarantee your success. Anyone who tells you that they can are lying to you!

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